Friday, May 18, 2012

Amazon and KDP

So, my first story "Chronicles of M: Episode 1 - Enter the Agent Part 1" is awaiting review. I went ahead and signed up for the KDP select for a couple of reasons. I initially was under the impression that Amazon allowed for ebooks to be under $0.50 (I've seen many at this price). What I didn't know was those books were on some sort of sale.

I also do not feel a 7k word story should be sold for $1. So, I went with the KDP select so that I could issue this first story for free and build a fanbase instead. So, amazon can have exclusive rights to THAT story if they please.

What I will do is hold off a month for the next episode, allowing part 1 two full months of exposure and release Part 2 and the back story (Titled: The Mad Baker) for a $1. This way the reader is paying what I think they should, which is 50 cents an episode.

From that point I'll have to start offering 2 episodes a month for a $1, maybe 3 if i dont feel they are long enough.  We shall see how this experiment goes.

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