Friday, May 25, 2012

Book Cover

This seems to be an interesting, unexpected challenge. There seems to be a lot of legal nonsense when it comes to a simple little picture on a simple little story. If you don't own the picture, you need rights. if you need rights, you need to ask for them. to ask for them you need to track down the owner and probably pay them for rights. if you manage to do those steps, you still have to alter the pic for your needs, either DIY or pay someone to do it.

perhaps ill just make a happy face in windows paint and call it a night.


  1. I'm not sure if you're aware, but there are loads of free pics you can use of websites such as they also have paid images which can cost around $10. You have to read the terms & conditions but in most cases you can use the image up to 250k times (I think). It's worth checking out :)

  2. I did some digging around the last couple nights and came up short, but I didn't come across dreastime so I will have to check it out!

    I was joking about the happy face. I was actually thinking about taking a photo of myself, cut it down to a quarter, containing only my eye, then photoshop it the way I want.