Thursday, May 24, 2012

Chronicles of M update

"Enter the Agent part 2" and the side story "The Mad Baker" are through round 1 of editing. I will release the two stories as a single unit because "The Mad Baker" comes in at about 5000 words and I would rather simply give it away than add fluff to it just so it's a stand alone.

Periodically, there will be side stories that fill in gaps or give more background to the world this series takes place in. They aren't required reading to enjoy the main plot, but are there to simply give the world more depth.

I've always hated how some books would drag on and on explaining things that might have been important, but ended up interrupting the plot in the process. This is my answer to that problem. I'm also giving the side story AFTER the subplot because, in some cases, the side story would give away elements of (hopeful) suspense. So, I took a narrative device that Quentin Tarantino likes to use and made it my own.  [end of rant]

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