Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Preparing for 6/15

So, we are a week(ish) away from the release of the double feature that is episode 2 and 3 of "Chronicles of M."  Episode 2 will conclude the introduction that 1 began and 3 is there to explain just what the heck the "Mad Baker Incident" is.  The cost will still be the usual 99 cents, and will be available on everything I can get it on via Smashwords and KDP.

So, please tell your friends, co-workers, whoever to join this blog and be ready, because starting on Monday 6/11 there will be a contest on here for a 5 free copies of Ep 2 and 3, all you have to do is join the blog as a member, then reply to the post for it! I'm sorry, I wish I could give Ep 1 for free as well, but KDP select doesn't allow that.

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