Sunday, September 16, 2012

Book 2 Update 5

I have reached the 50% mark and so far, so good. I'm just about to finish up the 2nd part to Dixie's story. It's a difficult piece because I wanted to try writing it more like a REAL first person perspective and not the usual book version.

Book version gives a lot of details of sensory feedback, a lot of times a person would disregard that input unless it was worth noticing. For example, how the grain of a desk feels, what wood its made from, the color of it, etc.

In reality we take these for granted unless its new to us. When you, or I would kick our feet on that table we wouldn't think about that table unless it was cold against our legs, or there was clutter in the way...something like that. Carpenters and home decorators (or DIY versions) are the only ones likely to think "hmm, this is a sturdy oak desk with a nice natural finish."

So, keeping that thought in mind, consider the difficulty of writing a true first person perspective that's worth reading. That gives you enough details with (mostly) external dialogue and some inner dialogue. On top of that, turn it into a manic, paranormal episode of the twilight zone, toss in some foreshadowing and conversations with multiple people at one time. Trust me, that last part is not an easy thing to do. How often do you say someones name during a conversation?

It's a fun experiment, harder than heck, but it will hopefully come out the way I want it to (don't worry, im going to have some beta readers check my craziness). Worst case, I'll scrap the true 1st person view and go back to a normal style and it'll still be a fun read. It's one of my favorite pieces so far (equal to Uhler in book 1).

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  1. Hi Nick,
    Thanks for sharing this post. I understand exactly what you mean. I've been experimenting with 1st & 3rd person to see which was best in my novel. I'm going for a mix of the two -not in the same chapters of course. There are times when an intimate and focused perspective is required -any other is just not the same. Writing is so complex ;so many tools to utilize & hence make a decent job of it.