Saturday, September 29, 2012

Book 2 Update 6

at the moment, I am about 2 chapters (10k words or so) from completion of the first draft. all but a chapter has already seen personally editing once or twice. What this means is that i'm ahead of schedule by weeks and will easily have it published in December. I've already contacted my editor and made sure she had an opening for me. So far, so good.

I do need to get a couple beta readers on board to check out a chapter or two for me. What i've done with them is...experimental(?) And i'm really hoping they go over with readers. I didn't do anything completely bonkers, like describe everything from a cubic perspective (its an art/poetic form), but i did incorporate some film techniques and in another chapter i went for a true first person pov - this has been mentioned in a previous posting.

The film technique is called "cross-cutting" and its nothing we aren't all familiar with. Its the idea of cutting between different action shots that are (usually) going on at the same time. Simple enough, probably does happen in books more often than not. Well, im doing it with 3 characters and each one utilizes a different perspective: two third person and one first. Additionally, one of the thirds is more...poetically written.  Basically, this could be a huge mess and im not aware of it, because i wrote it and i get it - thus the need for beta readers.


  1. Sounds interesting, Nick. Dare to be different.

  2. I will Steph, I will! Hopefully, it works out.