Monday, October 22, 2012

Chronicles of M: Ammit (book 2 update)

Book 2 is starting to wind down to the last few pages, then a one or twice over before I send it off to the editor. I suspect I'll have the edited copy back mid November or so, which will give me a couple weeks to send it out to some reviewers.

I'm really pleased with the writing of book 2: it's to the point, full of action, random silliness, less cussing and I was able to lay the groundwork for the big, big ideas that the rest of the series will follow. I had a couple beta readers check out the experimental ideas and so far everyone has enjoyed much as to be expected anyways.  It's hard to give someone a chapter in the middle of a book, a brief rundown of what has happened so far and then expect them to just jump in and get what I'm trying to accomplish.  :)

For those of you who do not follow me on pinterest, or facebook here is the cover of book 2

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