Saturday, June 9, 2012

preparing for story set 2 (EP 9-16?)

Now that I'm finishing up the last 1/2 of ep 7 and adding a snipit to 8, I'm working on real outlines for the future episodes. I'm also writing out a lot of time lines for characters just to make sure the years line up, at least roughly. I have several characters who have lived long, full, insane lives and that past comes up a lot...

I'm also realizing I need an objective sheet for each book set. case in point: book 1 and 2 have a lot of stabs at modern science fiction (mostly movies and television). so at first, the story might come off cliche, but if you wait it out you'll see (hopefully) that i'm trying to take what exists, make sense of it, and fix it...or at least show there's another way to handle it.

I'm also writing several sub plots that are much bigger than they seem, that tie into a much larger plot(s), all told by several narrators are giving their points of view on a present or past topic that also ties into the main story line that, at its very end, will stretch over 500 years (not including the stories that are in the past from the main plot)

in short, its screwy, lots of bizarre twists, strange characters, that go from a science fiction piece set in modern times to a sci-fi forgive me if i take this time to keep it all straight.  i feel like i need to write this on chalk boards, stretched across a large room, as i pull hair out of my head and mumble to myself.

i realize this is all a bit vague, but if you are reading the stories, i don't want to give anything away. if you absolutely must know, email me.

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