Monday, July 23, 2012

Facebook Ad update - Day 2

Technically, this is the third day, but day 1 used a whole 5 whatever.

Campaign reach: 14,131  (number of people who saw the ad)
Frequency: 1.2 (average number of times ad was seen per person)
Social Reach: 75  (people who saw it)
Actions: 16   (actions taken within 24 hrs of seeing the ad)
Clicks: 17
CTR .102%  (number of clicks divided by the number of times it was shown on FB)
Spent $6.02 (out of $50)
Price $0.36  (cost per click or 1000 impressions)

I can tell you this much - this morning I had 2 new likes from people I didn't know and weren't associated with any of my groups or even a friend of a friend. So, I did get something from this campaign so far. However, that means (had I actually paid for this and it wasn't a coupon) I'm paying $3 per new like.


  1. If you can determine how many sales you made from the ad, then you can begin to derive a true cost. I imagine that will take some time, but you seem to have a statistical mind. Let us know.

  2. As I have nothing to sell until Aug 17th (and the coupon expiring long before then), I focused the ad campaign to get "likes", from people 16+ years in age, who enjoy books.

    My thinking is that rather than use this ad to get me 1 or 2 sales (if I'm lucky) I'll focus it on "likes" so that my author page gets a larger reach. If i even get 1 "like" off this then any time I send out a message, that new person's friends will see it. So, what was one like turns into 50+ views from the friends and the shares and likes of the theory anyways. I also think people are more likely to just like something than to go to amazon, read the plot summary, etc.

  3. New follower via Goodreads =) Heather's Book Chatter