Friday, July 27, 2012

Facebook Ad update - Day 6 (Friday Update)

Just to keep the ad updates consistent and useful, I will only be doing them on Fridays now. It seemed silly to do a daily or even every other day update when the stats don't change that much. So, here we are.

Campaign reach: 61,896  (number of people who saw the ad)
Frequency: 1.3 (average number of times ad was seen per person)
Social Reach: 257 (people who saw it)
Actions: 37  (actions taken within 24 hrs of seeing the ad)
Clicks: 39
CTR 0.063%  (number of clicks divided by the number of times it was shown on FB)
Spent $14.92 (out of $50)
Price $0.24  (Average cost per click for 1000 impressions)

Having just realized that if I click on "Full Report" it will tell me how many likes I've had from this ad campaign - which is 2. So, now we are up to about $7.50 per like.

An interesting side note: according to fb's "insights" stats, my facebook page has a weekly reach of 26,576.How did I pull this off, you may ask? Yes, I only have 64 "likes" on facebook, but I have this FB account tied into my twitter account now.... which has (at the moment) 2132 followers. I've also been conducting a poll for the past week and that has generated a lot more attention that usual. So, for what it's worth, my own marketing seems to be doing about 43% of what the fb campaign is. I'm worth $21.50 cents of every $50 spent! YES!

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