Tuesday, July 3, 2012

pre-editing editing

trying something a little different this go around. Since I really have no EXACT schedule for book 2 (i'm trying to write at least 1000 words a day) I thought I would try to edit the bits I added the day before. This way, my rough draft is not quite so rough. Hopefully, this will speed up the very painful, very boring process of proper editing.

Prior to this, I only backtracked to get a better grasp of what I was doing before, to remain consistent. Not in terms of plot (most of this stuff has been burned in to my brain for a few years now) but for the sake of writing style. Some of the chapters in book 1 are narrated by different people, as such, I tried to vary the language, humor, style (hopefully it worked, that is up to you) and going back to read a page or so would get me back in to that thought process.  So, that last paragraph was a ramble...sue me, i thought it was interesting.


  1. Pre-editing editing? You always say the scariest things!!!

  2. Scary, yes, but hopefully it'll make the end process less like a brick wall to my forehead. Instead of trying to catch all the spelling and grammar mistakes (the ones i know are wrong at least) I can concentrate on dialogue, story flow, lunch...you know, whatever.