Wednesday, July 4, 2012


From a tweet, on a blog, in an article is how I found out about tweepi. its a website that makes bulk work a bit easier. Following some people who aren't following back? Get rid of them. Want to follow your followers followers, you can. it has some premium options that I haven't looked at and I'm still toying with the free side of far so good.

I can see the argument that these are the "quality" followers you should want and I'd agree if you had 10,000 followers already.however, I don't i have..285 at this moment. word of mouth doesn't spread very well when there's no one to spread it to. So, for the time I will take any and all followers I can, and if/when I get a huge following, I'll weed out the non-commenting followers or something.

the website for tweepi is

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