Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tweepi - end of day 1

For the recap - I started this morning (7am central) with 285 followers and about 320 following.

it is 10:30ish PM and I have 675 following and 1232 following.
so i added about 912 followers via tweepi, and picked up 390 new followers from that.

42% of those i added, added me back...not too shabby for roughly an hour of clicking invite!
I'm sure a few of those new followers trickled in from retweets or recommendations from those people i do talk to..but the majority just followed me back and this only the first day!

there are only a couple negatives with this technique so far:

1. tons of DMs to delete, welcoming me to their following and trying to sell me something in the process
2. those stupid twitter validation DMs, to make sure im not a robot or something

Beyond that, it was smooth sailing. i hit my following cap early in the day and with little effort. in a couple weeks I'll hit tweepi again and remove any followings that aren't following back.

Again, i realize that these might not be "good" followers, meaning people who will RT or, at least talk to me. My argument is that it's better to weed out bad followers in bulk than to hunt down good followers one at a time.besides, who's to say the "bad" followers won't buy my wares?

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