Thursday, August 16, 2012

Book 1 release day eve

So, here we are. After months of waiting and advertising and editing and spending every free moment getting this ball rolling - its here. In a couple hours I'll be able to publish the book on KDP. Time to see if all this work was worth it.

For a summary of what has been done.

99 likes on my Facebook page
4395 followers on Twitter
506 friends on Goodreads
23 people following this blog
average of 60 people check out my website daily (most are new viewers)
book release party with 7 other authors (and maybe another special guest, waiting to hear back)

for that stuff to happen i had to:

set up an author page on facebook
set up twitter
get on good reads
build a blog
build a website
learn to use, and use the crud out of tweepi and twitcleaner

other stuff that had to happen:

made a book cover for the ebook
remade (a couple times) the cover for the paperback (createspace)
figure out how to get people's attention on facebook and twitter, then sustain it (lots of blog posts on these)
think of things that would keep an audience coming back to my site (games)

Future plans:

contact local radio/tv stations for interviews
get an audio book recorded
get more reviews done (currently have 5)
look into a comic version (i know people)
automate some tweets for daily use (so i dont have to remind myself to say them while im talking to people)
continue to advertise like crazy

A few minutes ago I saw a tweet that asked if being indie is taking the lazy way out. Does it sound like it to you? im def not here looking for pity. I brought this on myself, but I have been very open and honest with this blog and all that I do. I just want others to understand just how much work goes in to this. Keep in mind, while dealing with all this crap and reading up on how to do it, ive also got a very full life with a full time job, a wife, a toddler and a house I'm remodeling. So, if I can schedule time for all this indie stuff and still maintain a real life, you can do it too. it just takes discipline and a bad case of insomnia!  By the way GO BY THE BOOK!

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