Saturday, November 24, 2012

to my reader and anyone else interested

Starting today, my blog postings will be posted on my Book website

Reason for this, among other things, is simplicity. Rather than have to log in two seperate sites to update/write, I can now go to a single location.

Additionally...and this is rather minor but it still bothers me slightly. Adwords rejected, stating that the site was too hard to navigate and not enough content.

I don't know how to make the navigation less difficult. It's a drop down menu across the top of the page. I can however, add to the content by moving the blog over to there. Additionally, it'll add exposure to the authors that are now displayed on the site, my own books and whatever else may come along.

In case you're worried I'm spamming ads all over the website, don't fret. All I had planned to do was add a sidebar next to each of the games. That's it. If i make a little change from that, I'll then turn it into real advertising for my own work. That being said, I refuse to cover the site in ads...

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